MacMozy Beta Updated

This article is obsolete. Images and broken external links have been removed.

Mozy updated their Mac client (a.k.a. MacMozy) earlier this week. The latest version is now

The only documented fix over version is a fix identified as “Memory leak/ absurd resource usage”. A full list of earlier fixes and additional information can be found in the MacMoxy FAQ.

While not new to this latest version a couple of new features have found their way into the beta. One is that now files greater than 4MB will take advantage of block level differential backups. This means that once a file (greater than 4MB) is backed up only the blocks that change will be sent when the file is updated in the future. This could save bandwidth and time.

File Restores

Another needed feature that is that now is the MacMozy client is an integrated file restore. Previously it was necessary to go to the Mozy website, select the files and what for Mozy to generate a file for you to download. Then you had the added step of decrypting them.

Now to do a restore you just select “Restore Files” from the Mozy menu:


Then you’re presented with a dialog to select the files you want to restore. The format is similar to their web restore interface. Notice the ability to restore historical files from the past. (click thumbnail for full size)


One feature I’d like to see is the file size and date during the selection process. The number of files and the total size of the restore is shown in the lower right corner, but it would be nice to know how big the files are when selecting them. While you can go back in time by selecting the backup date there may be times when you want to know the actual date of the file, which could be significantly before the backup date. Both file size and date are available when selecting files through web restore.

I found the restore file selection process done through the client to be considerably faster than through the website. I frequently wait minutes for the web page to refresh the file list. The client displayed the restore list within 30 seconds and there weren’t any delays in navigation from that point on.

The actual restore time will depend on your broadband connection. Download speeds are typically several times faster than upload speeds so restores should be faster than backups. You’re forced restore to an alternate location which is what I religiously recommend so I don’t see it as a problem. A status is displayed during the restore:


I use a private encryption key and did not have a need to decrypt the files after the restore. I haven’t tested it but I suspect if you change the encryption key used by your MacMozy client that you will have to manually decrypt files that were backed up under the old key.


I hadn’t had any problems with MacMozy since upgrading to back on June 6th right up until today. When I checked the Mozy status prior to upgrading I noticed a backup was running. It had been running for about 10 hours and was hung up. This was a frequent problem with earlier beta releases but it was the only time it occurred with that version. A backup done immediately after the upgrade when fine.

If you want to try the MacMozy Mac Client or use Mozy on windows you can sign up for a free 2GB account and use code E62DWM to get an extra 256MB for both of us. Unlimited backups are $5/mth with discounts for paying one or two years in advance. I found the free account to be all I need. I have a slow upload speed (384kps) so any sort of online backup for all my data would require a significant time investment for that first backup (I’m thinking weeks if not months).

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