Apple Updates Safari 3 Beta

Apple has updated Safari 3 beta to address three security flaws. I didn’t find anything posted on the Apple website about the update but it’s available on the original Safari 3 beta download page and is for Windows only. It did not show in my Apple Software Update, at least not yet. The version is Safari 3.0.1.

Apple has also posted two support articles related to the Safari 3 beta.

One mentions that when printing web pages you should start printing from page 1. If you try to start on page 2 it may not print.

A second support document says that some print links on websites may not work. The work around is to pick print from the menu or press Ctrl-P.

Back to my pet peeve – Apple saw fit to add two paragraphs to the support articles about the risks of beta software and that they don’t provide tech support. The warnings are longer than the actual information imparted by the support article. Yet their download page just includes the word “beta” once. No mention of risks, known issues or that it’s unsupported.

While I’m bashing Apple I’ll add on more. When I used Apple software update to see if the Safari update was there I saw that it wasn’t. But what was there was an update for Quicktime and an update for “iTunes + Quicktime“. I had installed Quicktime through the standalone installer so I wasn’t surprised to see it. But I’d never installed iTunes on this PC and was shocked to see it. Even after installing the Quicktime update the selection for iTunes was still there. (Click the picture to see it full size.)

This is a work PC. I have no real need for iTunes and installing it could cause some uncomfortable questions so it’s not like I installed it and forgot. Is this Apple trying to spread iTunes? Do they assume every PC would have iTunes? Or is it just a poorly coded software update application?

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