Pathfinder 4.7 Released

Pathfinder, one of my favorite Mac apps, has been upgraded to version 4.7. The update was announced and installed through the built-in auto-update feature. I didn’t have any problems with the upgrade although it’s necessary to restart Pathfinder after the upgrade and I was prompted to approve or postpone the restart.

The change log lists six new features.

  • Redesigned Get Info window which allows get summary info (Cmd-Option-I)
  • New Subversion plugin (experimental – use with caution) that provides basic svn functionality (status, update, commit, diff, add)
  • Redesigned Applications Launcher – press F8 or see the Go menu
  • Updated the Terminal to the latest iTerm code: new interface; drag reorder tabs in terminal; drag tab out of window to create new window; many other new features. Terminal preferences have been moved and can be now found in the terminal window (“Settings” toolbar button).
  • Added the ability to preview Safari .webarchive files
  • You can now preview and play media files as well as preview PDF thumbnails in the last column of column view

Even though labeled as new features I’d classify them more as improvements to existing features with the exception of the Subversion plugin which is labeled as experimental. There are 21 additional improvements listed along with over two dozen bug fixes (including one called Improved compatibility with OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”)).

It’s subjective, but I liked the menu structure of the app launder rather than the new icon layout. But I use Quicksilver for app launching anyway. The GetInfo improvements are nice along with the ability to edit permissions using the numerical equivalents. The upgrade kept most of my settings but the drawer panel on right was changed from what I had picked (info). This was easy enough to change back.

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