Wireless Woes

Dilbert fans may remember Phil – The Prince of Insufficient Light, the ruler of heck. Phil hasn’t been mentioned in awhile and appeared to be missing. I found him. He’s here in my house tormenting me by causing frustrating but minor computer glitches.

The latest occurred last night. I was watching TV, working on my laptop when the wireless went out. Not wanting to stop working I just dragged a network cable across the floor and went on working. I expected it to clear itself up. Foolish me.

When I finished working I decided to check things out and browsed to the gateway (a 2Wire 1701 DSL/Ethernet/Wireless gateway). Well, the problem was obvious. The wireless configuration was gone. Not gone as in set to defaults or empty. It was just gone, no wireless config screen. No wireless interface listed. Nothing. So I rebooted the gateway. No change. So I pull the power for a couple of minutes and plug it in. It got worse. the power light glows red (never good and should be green) and none of the other lights come one. I play with it a bit without any success. So I pull the power and go to bed.

In the morning I plug it in again. Phil shows mercy and gives me an internet connection and live Ethernet. But the wireless is still missing. I quit while I’m only a bit behind an head off to work.

After a brief search I decide getting a new DSL modem/router locally is too much of a hassle and won’t save me much money. Plus, getting it from AT&T means I only have one throat to choke if I lose DSL. So I try to order a replacement from AT&T. Their website takes my info but when I click the finalize order button it tells me there’s a system problem and I should start over.

I wait until I get home until I try again and Phil shows more mercy. I still have my internet connection and I’m able to place the order. Will my current DSL Gateway hold out until the new one arrives or was Phil just setting me up for a bugger fall – Gateway failure while a paid for replacement is “in the mail”.

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