MacMozy Released

Mozy has updated their MacMozy client, which is still in beta. They didn’t publish a list of changes in this release, at least not yet. But they did have a list of known issues for the previous release and said they would be fixed in the “next” release, which would be this one. The issues listed were:

  • Repeated MozyServerError2
  • Clicking the status window could open a Mozy error page in the browser
  • Backup sets can now find files Spotlight doesn’t find
  • Backs up files and folders moved into locations that are being backed up.
  • Can hide the mozy icon from the Configuration menu and bring it back the same way.
  • Clears out temporary files when backups are canceled.

I’m glad to see backup sets/spotlight mentioned in the third bullet. That’s an area that seemed especially brittle to me and I still don’t trust. For critical files I rely on picking the file or directory.

I’d been seeing the MozyServerError2 message in the history with earlier versions but it cleared up with the last update.

The previous version had been reliable for me. I was basically hands-off and didn’t make a lot of changes (I added one directory tree to the backup). I did a couple of file restores as a test and they were successful. One of those tests included reverting to an older copy of the file. I have about 1.2GB in my backup.

I successfully upgraded (just run Mozy.pkg), did a backup of 10MB and restored some files without a problem.

If yo want to try the MacMozy Mac Client or use Mozy on windows you can sign up for a free 2GB account (aff) and use code E62DWM to get an extra 256MB for both of us.

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