Apple Changes Rumor Tactics – Will Change the World

First Apple tried suing to stop the rumors. They caught a lot of flack for that and the PR was bad. Now it’s a week before Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) and the rumors were ready to fly. Then Apple caused thousands of bloggers to cry out as they had to destroy a week’s worth of speculative posts.

Apple fought back against the rumors by cruelly making the announcements before WWDC. Early this week they “announced” the iPhone release date by posting some ads with the release date on their website. Those rumors of a surprise iPhone announcement at WWDC suffered a cruel death. AT&T employees who wanted to take a vacation June 15th also suffered.

With the iPhone rumors beaten down people went for rumors about a Macbook Pro upgrade at WWDC. Apple put this rumor to a quick death by putting new MacBook Pros on sale today.

What’s left? Could WWDC, a developer’s conference, actually talk about developing for a new OS? Could the developer’s conference actually talk about developing for something as boring as a OS upgrade?

But wait, iPhone rumors aren’t dead. Let’s talk about a SDK for iPhone at WWDC. At least it’s developer related. Just doesn’t have the zing needed for an Apple rumor. The real rumor is much wilder. It must be, otherwise why would Apple kill the buzz by announcing current rumors before WWDC instead of letting them feed the publicity machine?. Here it is:

The real WWDC rumor:

Steve Jobs will reveal a secret project begun when Dr. Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, joined Apple’s board last year. The second brick was put in place when Google released Google Gears. Steve will bring it all together when he announces that the real reason Leopard was delayed was that it’s all a web based OS. They had to prepare all that dark fiber Google has been buying up. We need more pipes to handle a web OS. Leopard is a a small client for Google Gears that runs locally and what we consider the OS today runs off the web. This Google Gears client runs on iPods and iPhones.

In a page from Microsoft’s tiered OS version strategy the Gears versions will be Gears Basic for the iPod Shuffle, Gears Premium for the iPod Nano and Gears Multimedia Edition for the iPod. Naturally Gears Ultimate Edition is for the iPhone.

Sure there’s lots of problems with this strategy, especially since the technology is still in it’s infancy. But Apple is at the pinnacle of popularity so the Apple marketing machine will be reviving the Think Different ad campaign to put us in the right frame of mind. The desktop OS and PC, as we know them today, will cease to exist by this time in 2008.

Remember, you read it here first.

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