Frustrations Follow Upgrade

I’m pretty happy with the way the upgrade went. The Bluehost outage was the only real problem. But like any other upgrade there’s always seems to be a few annoying but not terribly painful problems. These are the ones I’ve run into so far.

  1. Search – Articles don’t appear in search results until I save them again. This is for both the search box on the website and the post search in the admin console. This is less of a problem for me than it could have been. I’m implementing tagging and have to clean up formatting on some articles so every article is getting saved again anyway. It doesn’t seem to be a problem with any plugins or the theme. As I write this the posts made before Jan. 1, 2007 won’t show in searches because I haven’t updated them yet.
  2. Dean’s FCKEditor and Ultimate Tag Warrior plugins conflict – A web search shows I’m not the only one with this problem. With Dean’s plugin enabled the “pick-a-tag” feature on the write screen for a post doesn’t work. The suggestion button doesn’t work either.
  3. TinyMCE (built-in editor) is haunted – The built in editor is causing me problems.
    1. At first the menu toolbar didn’t show and the visual editor didn’t show (I use Firefox). Clearing the cache and a browser restart seemed to fix the problem. For one post update. Then it returned. Clear the cache, OK for awhile but the problem returned. I finally started turning off Firefox add-ons. Since the problem would always go away for awhile it’s hard to be sure, but Greasemonkey seems to be the problem. Once the problem stays away for awhile I’ll start testing the specific GM scripts.
    2. On Windows it gets downright bizarre. For one blog TinyMCE works fine with Firefox. For another it fails to work on Firefox but does work in IE. It’s the same problem, missing menu icons and no visual editor.
  4. Share This showing in Google index – “Share This” is a social bookmarking module that’s integrated with the Gregarious plugin. (Share This is also a standalone plugin.) I noticed that Google had indexed some pages and they would open with the “Share This” functions at the top of the page and not look at all like my site. On the website Share This uses ajax so it doesn’t appear as a web page. But I noticed some people complaining that clicking Share This (on other sites) resulted in a web page, not the expected ajax popup. The robots probably see this same page. Clicking the links in the Google index resulted in a page with the Share This options at the top and the page text down below. This resulted in duplicate content for Google and the Share This links don’t bring you to my site, they just display the Share This page. The Share This PHP module included the “noarchive” keyword for robots and in fact the Share This page was not cached. So I went in and changed it to a “noindex” keyword which should resolve the problem. I also submitted a deletion request for the eight pages to Google and we’ll see how that goes.

One problem was more than annoying. Clicking the tags in the post or in the tag cloud resulted in a strange selection of posts, most of which are empty while missing articles that should appear. There’s a conflict with the Redo-Recent-Links plugin (which is beta). I’ve hidden all the links and the tags worked properly now. Redo-Recent-Links allows the creation of a link blog within the main blog.

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