My First Bluehost Outage

I suffered my first Bluehost site outage early this morning. I happened while I was doing the site redesign and in a heart stopping moment I had actually clicked “save” on a update when the website vanished. I quickly realized it was the server (fpt, email, another site, etc…) and not just the site. The Bluehost control panel was also unavailable since its server based.

Checking the status page showed my server was “under heavy load” and “may be unresponsive” although the server answered ping. After awhile it stopped answering ping and it appears it went through a reboot. When it came back I could see the services slowing starting up one by one.

In all, the outage was about 90 minutes. I guess occasional outages are expected in a shared hosting environment. It’s been two months so I guess I shouldn’t complain if it’s a one time thing.

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