IE Contributes To the Frustrating Journey

These past couple of days have reminded me why the tag line of this site is “A Frustrating Journey.” The first reminder was while working on an update to this site I thought everything was all set. FireFox, Safari and Camino (all on my Mac) liked the site and I was simply adding a widget lots of other people already used. I’m not naming the widget because I really don’t think the widget is the problem. What would happen is the widget would appear fine, but everything after the next text widget would be badly screwed up. This happened on both my WordPress sites, each using a different template. and it happens with both IE6 and IE7. I got it to an acceptable level and then gave up for now.

Later I tested FireFox on Windows and Ubuntu and it was fine. Even now that I have the widget last the widget itself is still not formatted as expected. From what research I did it appears that IE has problems with CSS. I’m just getting into CSS and PHP so I can’t absolutely point the finger at IE, but that’s where my money is.

When I got frustrated and tired of working on the problem I went down the rat hole to see what browsers are being used to access my site. According to Google Analytics, here’s the breakdown for the last 30 days:

  1. FireFox: 58% (90% of FF is version 2)
  2. Safari: 23%
  3. IE: 12% (split evenly between IE6 and IE7 except for 1 IE 5)
  4. Opera: 3%
  5. Camino: 2%
  6. Mozilla: 1%

While we’re on the subject of stats, here’s a breakdown of the OS’s (also from Google Analytics):

  1. Mac: 53% (74% are Intel, 26% PPC)
  2. Windows: 37% (88% are XP, 7% are Vista, 4% are 2000, a handful of ME, 98, NT and Server 2003)
  3. Linux: 10%

So only 12% of you need to GetFireFox.

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