MacMozy Beta Client Updated – Twice

Mozy released two updates to their Mac Mozy client last week. I started the week on Mac Mozy version, went to version on Thursday and on Friday. In other good news, Mozy is now publishing the list of fixes in new versions in their FAQ.

Version fixed the following bugs:

  • Unable to select files on partitions beside the operating system’s partition.
  • Log file filling up hard drive.
  • Unable to select files on external hard drives.
  • Selecting files and folders yielded strange sizes.
  • The backup would hang midway through when backing up locked files.

Version fixed the following bugs:

  • Problems preparing files larger than 2 GB
  • Randomly losing files from backup sets
  • Backing up the same files over and over

After installing MacMozy version earlier this week the first backup seemed OK but then the second backup removed most files from the server, reducing my 1.2GB backup to 156MB, which is a problem I’ve seen before. Since the ability to select the date of a backup on the server now works I was able to select an earlier date to see and restore the files that had since been removed. So while it’s not good that the files were removed, it was nice to see that the historical copies of the files seem to be working OK.

In addition, most of my backup sets have been dropping most of their files over time. Most of my files are picked through “Files and Folders” instead of Backup sets so it doesn’t account for all the missing files.

After upgrading to Mac Mozy I went into the backup set configuration and saw that the size estimates were still low (some were zero) so I went in and forced each set to query again. This was done by putting the cursor in the search field and hitting enter, then clicking save when the search is done. If there were any values in the search field I left them there.

When the first backup ran after the upgrade it immediately began sending over 1GB of files which indicates it’s putting the missing files back. But the fact that it’s taking so long (several hours, only 15% done) indicates it doesn’t see the files as already on the server so it’s sending them again. It took awhile but once the backup was finished all the files seemed to be on the server. The log indicated the files were actually sent and were not already on the server.

Mozy now also sees my external drives. It sees my Maxtor (firewire connection) and iPod (USB) and would allow backing up files from them. A note on external drives – if you have an external drive in the backup configuration and then remove the drive from the Mac it will cause the files to be deleted from the backup. if they are deleted the historical versions will be there for 30 days.

Their FAQ also contains an interesting tidbit…

My username and password aren’t working!

We’ve had reports that the login when setting up MacMozy is case sensitive. Make sure you’re typing your email address in exactly as it shows up in your Mozy account.

Maybe it’s just bad wording, but this makes it sound link they don’t know whether or not the login is case sensitive. They wrote both the client and server ends, I’d think they should know.

MacMozy is certainly making progress with their Mac backup client but with backups being so critical I still wouldn’t recommend trusting them completely. If you interested in trying Mozy (Windows or Mac) you can use this link or the code E62DWM to sign up for the free 2GB account and we’ll both get another 256MB of backup space. If you prefer not to use the link you can fine Mozy at

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