BlueHost Customer Service

I had more first experience with BlueHost customer service over the weekend and it was an excellent experience. They’d recently been advertising “unlimited domains”. My control panel still showed the old limit of domains and when I tried to add a sixth I received and error that I’d reached the limit. So I opened a ticket with tech support through the web and five minutes later I received an email that my account was upgraded although it may take up to two hours to show up. When I checked about an hour later the account was upgraded.

They do have 24 hour phone support but I have a general aversion to talking to tech support. This wasn’t all that important so I went the web route expecting it to be a few days.

The only problem I had with their web ticket system is that they ask for the control panel password. That concerned me so I changed it before opening the ticket an then changed it back when done. In retrospect, and after filling out the ticket, the password may not actually be added to the ticket but they use it to validate against the domain (also in the ticket) to validate authority to request changes,

Granted, it wasn’t a tough request but it was nice to see it handled within 5 minutes.

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