Popular Posts In April

Since it can be a pain to go back through blog posts, especially since they’re in reverse chronological order, I figured I’d recap the most popular posts for April to make it easier on new visitors.

By far the most popular post was the one about my install of Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) under Parallels. There were 313 visits which was easily more than any other post for the month despite being posted on the 21st.

In second place was a posting about the MacMozy Beta client. This was a summary of how the client worked on the Mac. The article had 175 visitors and was posted on April 7th. You can view the Backup category for more postings on Mozy or use the search box to search for Mozy.

My posting about the Azureus Bittorrent client for the Mac had 125 visitors making it the third most popular post despite being post on the 20th.

My first look at Thunderbird 2.0 was also posted on the 20th and had 54 visitors.

The Azureus and Ubuntu posts continue to be popular so far in May. Hopefully I’ll have some time to look into those a bit more and post my experiences.

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