Weekly Summary

Some things that didn’t qualify for a unique posting during the past week.

The OS Quest Updates

Full Feeds now really fully feeds. I’ve always used the setting for “full feeds” but due to a feature/bug in WordPress the articles were cut off whenever I used the <more> tag. (btw, that’s not the exact tag). Thanks to a WordPress plugin called Full Text Feed which fixes the problem.

As an aside, the previous post was the 100th post.

Parallels Technology Network (PTM)

Tech.Blorge reports that Parallels has launched a free Parallels Technology Network (PTN). From the PTN page…

The Parallels Technology Network is dedicated to consolidating the efforts and activities of third party developers who create Parallels Virtual Appliances. The Parallels Technology Network includes the Parallels Virtual Appliances Directory, Knowledge Base, and Community Forum.

The PTN includes a free virtual appliance directory. An example of a virtual appliance is a OpenOffice virtual appliance which is ready to run OpenOffice under Parallels on any Mac or PC.

WEP Cracked in Under a Minute

WEP has been one big security vulnerability for awhile. But now it can be cracked in under a minute. Wi-Fi Planet is one of many sites with the story.

Office 2003 Service Pack Planned

Microsoft says it is “backporting” work it did for Office 2007 and wll release it as a service pack. There’s no release date set. The last Office 203 service pack was in 2005. There’s no details on what’s included but there’s expected to be several security fixes and enhancements.

Dell Brings Back Windows XP

Dell is bringing back the option of ordering Windows XP with a new PC. Some have claimed it’s a sign that Vista is in trouble. I suspect it’s more of a case of Dell tweaking Microsoft about licensing. Dell is also saying they’ll office a Linux option. No doubt some people will want Windows XP and small businesses may want Windows XP to stay consistent with what they have.

But unless you have a good reason to buy Windows XP you might as well get Vista when you buy a new PC. It’s the latest OS and if you want to keep you new PC for a few years you’ll probably run into “Vista Only” software in a year or two.

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