Mozy Mac Backup Beta Goes Public

Mozy had begun the public beta of the MacMozy Backup and the client is now available for everyone to download from their home page. The version is which is a new version for me.

The previous version had failed to work for me in that backups would fail to complete and simply appear to hang up. If I rebooted the Mac this seemed to force Mozy to complete and record that fact. This problem has gone away for the latest version.

I am very, very happy with the latest version as most of my problems are gone. Specifically…

  • Historical backup versions of files can now be restored from the web interface. Previously only the last copy was available.
  • Restores via Backup sets are available from the web interface. Previously they did not display at all.
  • Every backup so far has completed in a timely manner. Previous versions would sometimes hang up.

While I hate the idea of trusting my data to beta software, any beta software, the latest Mac Mozy has the polish of a finished product and is light-years ahead of their final private beta version.

If you have a broadband connection and a Mac, the Mozy Mac software is stable enough to now recommend, with the warning that it is still beta (under development) software. If you want to try Mozy and want support this site you can click here (you also get an extra 256MB backup with that link). Accounts up to 2GB are free and unlimited space accounts are $5/mth. You can use this Mozy link if you’d prefer not to use the affiliate link.

1 thought on “Mozy Mac Backup Beta Goes Public”

  1. Please see my blog for my experience with Mozy's new Mac OS X client.

    At the moment I definitely cannot recommend it for any Mac users.

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