SanDisk Ultra II SD Card with USB

I’d heard about this gadget on the GizWiz podcast. It seemed like a great idea. A SD card that had a built in USB adapter which eliminates the need for a separate USB card reader. Seemed like a great idea to me and I can always use an SD card.

Now that I have the card I’m even more impressed. When it’s flat it’s a regular SD card. I used it in my Nikon D50 without a problem since it works like a regular SD card.

To plug it into a USB port you bend it in half, as shown in the picture. Then it plugs into the USB port and works like any USB thumb drive or external drive. Pictures can easily be copied from the card. It worked fine on my Mac and Windows XP SP2 machine.

Since the card has to fit in a SD slot there’s only so much heft that can be provided. This leads to my concern that the hinges are a bit fragile. Care needs to be taknd when bending the card in half. It takes a bit of force to unlock it. The force should be applied in the middle or on both sides. The hinge should be OK with normal use. If you plug the card into a laptop you should also be careful not to bang it into something since it’s small enough to forget.

The card comes with a hard case, sized for the card, with an attached keyring. The case snaps closed so the card fits securely inside. The drive also comes with the typical hard plastic case that all SD, compact flash and similar cards come it.

I wouldn’t recommend the card for use as a thumb drive replacement since they generally take some abuse (at least mine do) and you don’t need the card if your laptop/pc/printer has a SD card slot. But this is a great solution to avoid having to use a card reader. You can also use it to take pictures and be sure you can read them on any modern PC since most PCs have USB ports while not too many have SD card readers.

This is a link to view the 2GB version.

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