Mozy Mac Beta Software Update

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Mozy has released an update to their Mac client software which is still an early beta. The version gets bumped from to

I’ve been having a problem with the software lately where files vanish from the server. Although it appears they actually get removed by the client since I see delete messages in the log. Sometimes they get backed up again at a later time although at the moment I’ve only got 341MB out of my 1.2GB backup on the server. I’m hoping this release fixes that.

I downloaded and installed the update. Then I wen into “Configure Mozy” and noticed many of my backup sets had a size of zero. So I double-clicked each one, put the cursor in the search field and hit enter. When it listed the found files I saved it. I had previously done this instead to resolve an issue where the estimated sizes were outrageous but I held off doing that for now.

Then I fired off a backup. The size and time estimates indicate it’s going to do all the missing files. It’s telling me it’s got a little over a day left but in the past (with earlier versions) it ended up being much quicker as files were “found” on the server. The time is reasonable since I have a relatively slow 384kps up. I’m hoping it’ll take that long since finding the files in the past wasn’t permanent and they soon vanished again.

Even though I’m not going to trust my backups to beta software I’m hoping this will resolve my vanishing file issue.

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