Mac Mozy: Files Gone – They’ll Be Back [Updated]

See an update at the end of this post.

I ran into another hiccup with the Mac Mozy client today. I had about 1.1GB from my iMac backed up to Mozy but after doing a manual backup today that was down to 175MB. In checking the server there were a bunch of files missing from the web interface and the size of the backup it said I had on the server was the same as what the Mac client told me was there.

I’m sure this was related to the beta Mozy Mac client and not a problem with the backend service. I back up a Windows PC to the same account and that had all the files for it’s backup. The history on the iMac had the full 1.1GB as the backup size right up until I kicked off a manual backup, and that manual backup dropped it to 175MB. Files deleted are not recorded as part of the history but in looking through the console log for Mozy I see entries for the missing files (to many to check them all, but the ones I checked are missing) with entries that have the message “ScanCacheUpdateTypeKey = ScanCacheUpdateTypeDeleted” so it sounds like the delete is coming from the client.

I went into the configuration to make sure everything was still selected, and it was. In the process of doing that I clicked “Save Configuration” (although without making any changes) so that click may have fixed the problem. Then I went in and cicked off another manual backup and it tells me it’ll be backing up 1GB (24K files). So with the fuzzy math of KBs, MBs and GBs the math is about right for the missing files.

I typically don’t do a manual backup but I had changed some files I wanted backed up so decided to kick on off. So I can’t say if it was the manual backup or just coincidence. I have successfully done some manual backups in the past but it’s been awhile.

It’s beta software so problems are expected (which is why I’ve been watching it closely). It is backing up the missing files now but it does mean sending them again. With my DSL connection this will take about a day. I’m looking forward to when the Mac Mozy client is as stable as the Windows client. It also means to avoid using the paid plan with a Mac to backup more than 2GB unless your prepared to have to send it again. Not to mention the Mac client isn’t stable enough to pay for yet.


The backup finished in well under the day it said it would take. According to the history the backup actually sent 205MB of files with a total backup size of 1.2GB (most files flagged as being already on the server). Some of the missing files were flagged as “already on the server” and in fact are now on the server. The server agrees with the total backup size. But in checking some of the directories I see some files are still missing. According to the history there’s no record of the files in the latest backup as either sent or already on the server. I touched the file selections in the configuration and started another manual backup to see if they’d appear but they didn’t. But since it’s now harder to find the missing files (checking all the directories isn’t realistic) I’ll have to wait until the next release of the beta software before I can trust all the files to be backed up. (Trusting backups to beta software would be a bad idea even if there weren’t any apparent problems so it’s not really a big deal for me, or unexpected, just disaappointing.) I’ll keep the software running and keep checking it, but I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next release. The backup of my Windows machine is still solid so it’s still a problem with the Mozy Mac client.

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