Avast Antivirus Sound Tip

I’ve noticed that people are complaining that Avast announcing “Virus database has been updated” is an annoying feature. A complaint I whole heartily agree with. Here’s how to turn that off:

  1. Start Avast AntiVirus
  2. Select Settings from the menu
  3. Select “Sounds” from the settings dialog
  4. Click the “Settings” button (or just check “disable all sounds” and be done with it, if that’s what you want.)
  5. In the “Program Events” window, scroll down until you find “avast! antivirus”. These are all the Avast sounds. (Speaker icon means enabled)
  6. The first one “Automatic VPS Update” is the “…database…updated” message I (and others) find annoying. Highlight this one and then select “none” from the sounds dropdown.
  7. Make any other changes you want. Use the play button next to the sound dropdown to listen to the sound.
  8. Click OK all the way out to save.

This is just the Windows XP Sound and Audio Device applet control panel so you can go through control panel to get to it.

If you want to later restore the sound it: C:Program FilesAlwil SoftwareAvast4Englishvpsupd.wav (assuming you use english and installed to the default location)

This is for Avast 4.7.981 (although it’s been configurable on earlier versions too) running on Windows XP (but I suspect other supported OS’s are the same).

Avast AntiVirus is free for home, non-commercial use. They do require registration and a valid e-mail address (to send a registration key). The registration must be renewed every year. I’ve used the software for several years and do not get spammed by them.

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