Bluehost Updates It Hosting Plan

Bluehost updated it’s hosting plan recently and now offers “more” for the same price. They now offer 300GB of disk space, 3,000GB of bandwidth and will now host unlimited domains.

Those are all nice numbers and I like Bluehost so far, but at what point do these numbers become so large they’re meaningless? While I’m sure some websites may near these limits (podcasts, video sites, or any other site which has large files) I have to believe that few sites (mine included) even come close. I have to believe that server performance may be affected before these limits are reached such as CPU usage, memory or database availability.

As for the unlimited domains, my control panel is still showing the old limits, although I don’t have a way to see what would happen if Itry to go over.

Anyway, this post is little more than a blatant attempt to get you to go to and sign up as a way to support this site and my software addiction. If you’d prefer, you can click here to skip the affiliate link.

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