Mac Mozy and Spotlight Update

In my previous post I mentioned that Mozy seemed to exclude directories that were excluded from spotlght indexing, even when those directories were specifically selected. I thought it might be a coincidence and maybe something else I did while researching the problem actually resolved the problem.

Well, I added the directory tree bsck into the privacy settings in spotlight and made sure there were both new and updated files in the directories. When it came time to do the backup the files were skipped. Although what was confusing is that several TXT files that matched a “backup set” (backup sets are based on searches) were checked and flagged as “Already on the server” so Mozy did check some files in the directories. New files, that didn’t match a backups set were not backed up. Most files in these directories do not match any backup sets, just these few files match.

I removed the directory from the Spotlight exclusions and waited. I waited a full day, with Mozy doing a backup every two hours. The files in the previously excluded directory were not backed up.

So then I went into the Mozy configuration and de-selected/re-selected the directory and saved the configuraiton. Then I waited. When the next scheduled backup camed around it backed up all the new/changed files in the directory.

So it was time for another test. I added the directory back to the Spotlight privacy settings. Then I went into Mozy configuration and unchecked/rechecked the directory and saved the configuration. When it came time to do the backup it backed up the new and changed files in the Spotlight excluded directories.

So for now, it appears that if changes are made to the spotlight search configuration the Mozy configuration should be saved again so that the directories get backed up.

The Mozy faq has instructions for requesting asking to be part of the Mac beta.

You can click this link to sign up for Mozy. Using this link will add 256MB to both of our free backup accounts.

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