Free Podcasts and PDFs to Sell Books

This story caught my attention because it’s a case of a little guy finding success by doing the things big business thinks is foolish.

Scott Sigler is a sci-fi/horror author that hasn’t had success selling his books. His book “Earthcore” [Link to] had been picked up for publishing before 9/11 but the publisher never contacted him after 9/11. In 2005 he decided to podcast the novel as a serial. Only after the complete podcast finished was the book released for sale. He now had a small publisher who was willing to experiment and the podcast first, publish second philosophy has continued on into his future books. He’s also released a full pdf copy of his Novel Ancestor.

According to Scott’s site, his upcoming book “Ancestor” [Link to] hit #7 in books overall and #1 in both sci-fi and horror on withough any promotion except the podcast and PDF which were both complete copies of the books. I didn’t finish listening to the podcast or read the entire pdf but I did buy the book, along with Earthcore. So I’m one of the ones the strategy worked on.

How does this relate to The OS Quest? Well, maybe it’s a stretch, but the podcast is done with Garageband which is free on every Mac. But really, I’m just happy a guy who writes stuff I like found some success.

You can get a copy of the Ancestor podcast at

Other Scott Sigler novels:

Earthcore: Podcast at Paperback at

Infection: Podcast at Not yet available as a book

The Rookie: Podcast at Not yet available as a book

This came to me via the net@nite podcast.

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  1. Thanks very much for helping spread the word about Scott and us here at

    And while I know the old adage about looking a gift horse in the mouth, I wonder if I can get you to change the text links? You have links to our site listed propertly, but the text says "" instead of "". I'd hate for folks to think that the domains were linked somehow or try to type in the abbreviation thinking they could get to our site.

    Thanks in adavance for the change and thanks for spreading the word!


  2. Hey thanks for buying both books! You were part of the push to #7. You'd also like to know that EarthCore was #2 in horror, and #4 in SciFi, so you helped with that too.

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