Don’t Test = Get Burned/Do Test = Get Burned

I had two problems with this site this morning. In the first I got burned for not testing something, in the second I got burned even though I tested.

You’ll notice that the “OS News and Rumors” box that I mentioned here is now gone. When I added the YouTube videos here the formatting of my site got all screwed up. Now, I had never embedded a YouTube video before so I did it on my test site first. It worked fine, no problems. I cut and paste into the production site and the page formatting gets screwed up. After spending some time looking at the code in the posting I realized that I had installed the MiniPosts plugin in production but not in test. I had skipped test because at the time it was down while I was trying to get WordPress 2.1.2 working. So I installed the plugin in test and sure enough, the same formatting problems. I wanted the vides more than the mini posts so I deactivated the plugin.

If you’ve been here before you may notice that the links are gone from the left sidebar. They weren’t displaying, instead there was a SQL error. They worked fine in test. I even had all the same links. It’ll require some more research. So for now the links are gone with no eta on their return.

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