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I just added he Mini Posts plugin on this site. If you look over on the right sidebar you’ll see a “OS News and Rumors” box. Items shown in that box won’t appear in the main blog.

On my list of things to do I was looking for a way to add short posts to this blog without clogging up the main page. I also wanted a quick way to do it since it wasn’t worth a lot of time to me. Some templates I’d looked at in the past had support built in, but there were other things I didn’t like about those templates.

First I looked at Sideblog but it didn’t work right away (using the widget – nothing was displayed). In the interest of my “quick” requirement I moved on after 5 minutes and installed the Mini Posts plugin which is widget based.

I liked the Mini Posts plugin although it had a few quirks I didn’t like. The postings ran together and it wasn’t possible to bold the date. So I prefaced each entry with a “*” and added a <br/> at the end to add a line feed. I also don’t display any of the post text as I didn’t like the way this looked. I could add a <!–more–> tag to each post to try and make it look better, but that was too much trouble. When I removed the post text I found that there wasn’t a “more” link so that the article could be opened and read, which is a problem. Creating an excerpt put the “more” back in even though the excerpt isn’t actually displayed, which was perfect.

The philosophy of Mini Posts is different than Sideblog. Sideblog is based on a category (or categories). With Mini Posts the plugin it’s necessary to mark the posts as a Mini Post. This can be done on the edit screen. It can also be done by scrolling through a posting list on the bottom half of the Mini Post options page.

Sideblog has a nice feature of being category based, and multiple “Sideblogs” can be used. I’ll be trying that one again once I upgrade WordPress.

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  1. Hey Admin,

    I'm glad you're using MiniPosts. If you want to bold the date, you'll have to bold it in the "MiniPost format" field. Sadly, that isn't possible in the "Date format" field.

    And I'm happy to see that the excerpt functionality is being used. I was afraid that was a Saturday morning wasted. =)


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