Auto Generate Broken Links

I’ve been looking around over on Google’s Webmaster tools. They’re reporting a growing number (now 24) of “404 – Not Found” errors when crawling the site. Sure enough, the URLs are bad. Most also seem to be for a second page of categories or second page of a days posting. At first, when the number was low, I did some searches, thinking I had used the URL someplace but never found it.

I just noticed that when a category list, or a days posting are displayed, there’s a “Previous” link at the bottom of the screen. Sure enough, it was a bad URL. It’s easy enough to see. Pick a catagory with a low count, scroll to the bottom and click the previous link.

I’m currently in the process of testing a new web host, with the latest WordPress, and the latest theme and the problem doesn’t exist. There is not a previous link when there’s nothing else to see.

The problem is either caused by WordPress 2.02 or Tiga 1.01 (the theme I use). It does not occur on my test site which was just upgraded to WordPress 2.1.2 and Tiga 1.0.2.

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