Mozy Mac Software Updated to Beta Version

Mozy updated the Mac beta software to version (18248M). The previous version was If you don’t have automatic updates set you’ll get a notification with an option to install.

First thing I noticed is that Mozy now included the backup history detail. Previously it had only recorded that the backup happened (or failed) but did not include the file details. Now the history screen properly shows the details. I haven’t noticed any other changes in the short time I had it.

After using Mozy over the weekend I’ve become more impressed with it. As the comment posted to my first Mozy Mac post the downloaded file are in fact encrypted. The downloaded disk image file isn’t encrypted but the files inside it are encrypted. Now that makes sense. The files are encrypted on my end before being sent. Mozy doesn’t have the key so they can’t then create an encrypted container file. Doh!

Decrypting is fairly easy.

  1. Create a directory to receive the unencrypted files. (You can also extract directly to the original source but I prefer an interim location)
  2. Mount the downloaded disk image file
  3. Run Mozy Decrypt. Specify the directory in the disk image file as the source and the directory created in step 1 as the destination. Then either have Mozy use the decryption key in the current config or specify one. The unencrypted files will then be copied to the destination directory. The directory structure is the same as they were on your Mac.

I still have concerns about how the restore/decryption process will scale to large restores (greater than 5GB) but for my small test restores it worked fine.

This is beta software and I did encounter some problems in addition to the now resolved lack of history. I’m still looking around to make sure it’s nothing I did but now that the backup detail is there I saw some messages that some files were already on the server when they fact had never been backed up. Most of these seemed to be 0 byte files. When I checked the server they were there and a test restore did bring them back as 0 byte files.. The exception was my Quicken preferences file. Mozy reported it was already on the server and when I checked the server it was listed as an 8 byte file.It’s 11KB on my Mac. When I downloaded the restore it was an empty 0KB file and Quicken treated me like a new user when I replaced the one that was there.

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