iClip 4 – A Nice Little Mac App

I had received a license for iClip with the Macheist bundle. It was beta at the time and I never got around to installing it. I was cleaning up old e-mails earlier this week and came across the e-mail from late January announcing the production release of version 4. It was time to download and install it.

iClip is a clipboard manager and scrapbook. iClip runs like the dock, living at the top, bottom or sides of the screen, popping out as needed (optionally, it can always be visible). Out of the box there’s four clip sets which contain bins. Each bin is like a mini-clipboard. The first clip set is called “Recorder” which simply keeps a history of the clip board contents. It defaults to the last 8 items, but can hold up to 99. The other three sets serve as templates to get you going. The bins can hold text, images or aliases to other objects such as applications. Each bin can be renamed and the name can be displayed instead of the contents (useful for long URLs)

The UI is straightforward and easy to use. It’s been installed for about a day and I’m already using it for:

  • A scrapbook of shortcuts and templates for updating this blog. Things like URL templates, common tags and common text.
  • A notebook to keep scraps from web pages or files.
  • Automatically kept a history of screen prints so I could recover any old print if I needed it. This also allowed me to easily go through and make a series of screen prints and then only process the ones I needed.

It was a 13.5MB download of a disk image file. Installation was the simple “drag to application folder” install. And there was a link to the applications folder in the downloaded disk image.

You can visit the iClip website at http://inventive.us/ for complete details and to download a evaluation copy. It’s $29 for a license. Twenty nine dollars is a lot for a clipboard program, but it’s already streamlined my work flow (and I haven’t even set up the hot keys yet) which is really what I’m paying for. It’s a universal app. It’s only been a day but so far I haven’t run into any problems.

External Links
iClip Website: http://inventive.us/