Configuring Thunderbird for AOL My eAddress

Here’s how to configure AOL My eAddress accounts in Thunderbird (at least what works for me). Version is used for the screen shots. The rest of this post contains several screen shots and may take awhile to display, depending upon your connection.

Make sure you can access the account through the web before you configure it in Thunderbird.

Open Account Settings in Thunderbird (from the Tools menu) and click the “Add Account” button and select “EMail Account from the New Account Setup dialog.

Identity configuration screen

Select “IMAP” as the server type. Enter “” as the incoming server and “” as the outgoing server.

Server information configuration screen

Enter in your full e-mail address (your AOL My eAddress) as both the incoming and outgoing user name.

User name configuration screen

Enter in a name for the account.
Account name configuration screen

You’ll receive a “congratulations” screen,
Configuration Congratulations screen

But don’t start celebrating yet, your not done. When you click “Done” you’ll see the Accounts screen. Click on the outgoing server and locate the one you just created. (You may need to click another selection then click on “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” again before your new server appears in the list.

Account screen

Select your new server and click the “Edit” button to get the settings screen. Change “Security and Authentication” to “SSL“, this will automatically change the port to 465which is what we want. Put in a description if you want. Verify that your full e-mail address is used for the user name.

Outgoing server settings screen

Click OK and then close completely out of the account settings screens. We’re almost done. We’ll send and receive some e-mail so we can enter in the password information.

Compose an e-mail in Thunderbird to be sent from your new address and send it. When you send it you’ll be prompted to enter a password for the outgoing mail server. Enter your password and (optionally) check the option to remember the password.

Outgoing mail server password prompt

If you selected the option to save the password you’ll see this message.

Saved password warning screen

Then you’ll be prompted to enter and (optionally) save the password for the incoming mail server.

Incoming mail server password prompt

Send an e-mail to the new account and verify both the sent and received e-mails arrive OK and you’re all set.

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