Configuring Apple’s for AOL My eAddress

Here’s how to configure AOL’s My eAddress accounts in Apple’s (Well, at least what works for me). The rest of this post contains several screen shots and may take awhile to display, depending on your connection.

Be sure you can access the account through the web before you configure it in Mail.

Open the accounts configuration page in Mail. Click the ‘+’ to add an account and start the process. Select “IMAP” as the account type, enter an account description and name then type in the AOL My eAddress that you’ve already set up.
General Information setup screen

Click “Continue” and configure the incoming server on the next screen, Use “” as the server. Use your full e-mail address as the user name and type in your password.

Configure incoming server

Click continue and configure the outgoing server. The outgoing server is ““. Check the “Use authentication” box. Use your full e-mail address as the user name. Type in your password. Unlike some e-mail services where an SMTP connection can be shared among accounts, I’ve found AOL My eAddress requires the account name to match the sending address so a outgoing connection must be configured for each account. If you’ve already got an outgoing server configured in they will be available in a drop down. Simply type in the box and ignore the drop down. If you’re configuring multiple My eAddress addresses you must do this for each address.

Outgoing mail server configuration screen

When you click continue the connection will be verified which may take a minute or so then you’ll see a summary screen.
Configuration summary screen

You should be all set. As a test, use another e-mail account to send to/from the account you just set up.

If you need to configure the outgoing mail server at a later time the screen will look slightly different:
Outgoing mail server configuration screen

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