I came across Stikkit ( while listening to a bunch of podcasts over the long weekend. Unfortunately I don’t remember which one. Right now it’s in public beta and is free. They also claim they will always have a free version.

Stikkit is a very Web 2.0-ish website based around a concept similar to post it notes with a filing system. When a Stikkit note is posted the language in it is parsed. If it’s recognized as a meeting or a to-do it’s categorized as such and you’ll get the appropriate reminders. It will also maintain an address book when it recognizes and address.

Just like post it notes there aren’t any fields. It simply recognizes to-do’s, appointments, contacts and bookmarks then files them accordingly. Stikkits can also be tagged as a way to organize them.

There seems to be a lot of potential here. The last thing I need or want is another web based calendar/todo list. But this seems to be a great way to organize the clutter. I went there expecting to visit once to satisfy my curiosity but I stuck around and have started to use it to organize pieces of information and web sites I come across.

There’s a Stikkit “Bookmarklet” that creates a stikkit for the website currently being visited. I tended to use Google Notebook for this but Stikkit seems like a better solution.

I did have a problem with creating Stikkits via email. It works when I send from my GMail account but not my business account. In checking the forum I see I’m not the only one with this problem. The developers are active in the forums and do seem to be actively working to address problems.

Definitely worth checking out.

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