The Mac Version of the BSOD

Well, I got the Mac version of the Windows Blue Screen of Death a little while ago. But in true Mac style it’s much better looking than the BSOD. No weird numbers or codes. A gray shadow comes over the screen and a nice message, in multiple languages, told me that the machine needs to be restarted by holding in the power button. (For those who want them, the weird number and codes can be viewed after the restart by selecting “report” when prompted.)

So what changed and what was I doing? That’s the scary part. I had powered it up just a couple hours before and hadn’t used many apps. The Firefox security update arrived shortly after power-up.. I was browsing to a site (my bank’s website, so frequently visited and not malicious). Since I was shutting down for the night not much else was running. ITunes had been running but had just been shut down and IPhoto was still running. No problem going to the site after the restart.

While I hate unexplained occurrences, better that than a problem with the Firefox update (or the OS X update from earlier in the week).

Computers, gotta love ’em.

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