JVM Updated – No Idea Why

I have Sun’s java runtime installed on my Windows PC, specifically (from the “About” box) “Java 2 Platform Version 1.5.0”. I have it set to check for updates on the 3rd of each month (I’m not positive but I think this was the default). So for the last few days it’s been telling me that there’s an update waiting. Today I finally got around to letting it update.

First off, I can’t find any real mention of what’s being updated. Just that there’s an “update”. Well OK, other than a few websites I don’t care much about Java and if if it craters my PC it’s only a test PC, so I install it and find I now have have update 09-b3.

Even armed with the information on the version I have I can’t find any mention on Sun’s site or on java.com. Is it just me or if a vendor wants to install or update software on my PC shouldn’t they provide a link to what’s being updated and make it easy to find? Shouldn’t searching their website with the specific version number in the software return something other than “no documents found”?

After doing a Google search I finally found this reference in some forums. The release notes are for the full SDK, not just the runtime so not everything may apply. The Google search didn’t include any Sun (or java.com) links on the first page. They were all forums that included links in response to questions. The link is to the developer section of Sun’s website. So they’re informing developers but not the consumers of their software.

I guess I should just be grateful they provide the software.

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