XDrive – Not Ready For Backup on Mac or Win

I tried to give XDrive a spin on both Windows and OS X, concentrating on it’s backup abilities. But all I did was crash.

On the Windows side the most I was able to back up before getting an error was 70MB. Each time I received a 2151 error. The error is discussed in this forum thread. Their recommended work around is to try the backup off hours, which for XDrive is during the day. Some responses said this didn’t work. I tried several backups over several nights and always got the error an hour or two in.

On the Mac side there’s a web based backup utility that’s still in beta. I gave this a try, using Firefox, and got timeout errors after 500MB was sent. It wouldn’t get past this point and I did try this during the day when they say their usage is lower. This is also the point with had the largest file being backed up (453MB). Not only did the backup screen indicate the backup had stopped, but when I monitored my DSL line the upload had stopped. Web based backup and the file accelerator are both Java based applets which must be given full access to the PC from the browser.

Another time when starting the backup utility Firefox locked up and I had to do a force quit on it.

The first night I didn’t have any problems uploading smaller files using the web based basic file upload. The next night it simply stayed on the message “Connecting to server…” and in checking my line activity there was almost no traffic. I let it sit for a hour before canceling the upload.

My experience, and the related forum messages, would seem to indicate they’re having trouble handling the load. They do offer a paid service which provides 50GB of storage but that still uses the same programs and applets so it would have the same problems. They promote several other features such as photo, music and file sharing along with the ability to save e-mail attachments to the XDrive. I did find it easy enough to transfer image files using the Windows Desktop but I didn’t test any of these features. My frustration with backing up or saving files kept me from wanting to try anything else.

XDrive is no longer an option as a backup solution I’d use or recommend.

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