This Weeks Minor Website Updates

In addition to the blog posting that appear on the home page, the following updates were made to the site this past week.

  • The Backup Project page was updated with the shortlist of software I’ll be evaluating.
  • Added the following Thunderbird tip to the Cross Platform Apps page in the software zone:The Thunderbird spam filter must be trained after it’s enabled. This includes identifying both Spam and non-Spam messages. Select the message(s), right click and select Mark->As Junk/As Not Junk
  • The Search page has a couple minor changes. The second Yahoo search box, that limited the search to specific sites, has been deleted. Yahoo has been indexing my site so the remaining box can be used to search this site (the search bar on the blog pages only searches the blog postings which is good enough in most cases). The Yahoo search will include the static pages (which is everything not on the Home tab) once they are indexed by Yahoo. When  I checked today it had indexed through my first posting on the 27th.

And finally, there’s a weekly summary over on the Spam Chronicles.

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