Project Pages Launched

This post is completely obsolete. 

Up along the top you’ll see a new tab called “Projects”. This is where I’ll be tracking some longer term endeavors. We’re kicking things off with two projects.

The first is “Spam” where I’ll be trying to reduce the amount of spam that gets to my inbox along with how various programs and service handle spam and how e-mail addresses can get in the hands of spammers.

The second is “Backup”. It’s time to review my current backup strategy and look at backup strategies for some friends and family.

And there’s some ulterior motives here. I’ve created a Spam Chronicles blog on the blogger beta to give it a workout and I’m trying various options in WordPress to try and give it a workout to. (no longer there) I’m not much for evaluating software unless I can put it to real use.

2 thoughts on “Project Pages Launched”

  1. A bit of friendly advice, testing spam filters by using a forwarding service is going to give you inacurate results.

    Large providers like yahoo and aol use reputation based systems and stop most spam based on it's source. Using the forwarding service will cause a different filtering response than if the server that sent it to your forwarding account had tried to send it straight to aol or yahoo.

    Also, since forwarded mail tends to cause problems with reputation based filtering, they also filter mail that they think is coming from forwarding services differently.

    If what you are trying to do is test how well they filter forwarded mail, then your method is fine. If you are trying to test their filtering overall, then your results will be off the mark.

  2. Mike, thanks for the info.

    Since I've used the forwarding service for years and am curious how the different providers and clients handle the forwarding. But I will keep this in mind and not compare the forwarded e-mail results to the direct results.


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