Why Dean’s FCKEditor for WordPress Plug-in

Dean’s FCKEditor for WordPress is a WordPress plug-in that uses the FCKeditor. The FCKeditor is an java based HTML editor.

When setting up this site I quickly found that the built-in rich-text editor had some serious shortcomings that affected me. I found the WYSI-Wordpress plug-in and used that.. I then came across this plug-in which looked interesting.

What initially attracted me to it was that I had seen the FCKeditor mentioned as used in other plug-ins and areas. This plug-in also uses the FCKeditor version current at this time so there be no additional work to get up to date.

So, after using it for a day or two:
It loads slower than the other editors, but not unreasonably slow.
It includes a full screen mode so that the editor is the only thing visible in the browser, allowing a large edit area.
When switching to HTML source editing it stays in the same window. Other editors pop up a new windows. It’s a personal preference but I like to stay working in the same window.
The file upload capability doesn’t seem to be working for me. In looking through Dean’s blog I see a couple possible solutions but haven’t had a chance to look into it yet.
Firefox 2 has a built-in spell check. While the spell check does highlight mis-spellings it’s not possible to right-click the word and select the correct word or add the word to the dictionary. Right-clicking brings up a menu with just cut,copy and paste. This context-menu seems to be a feature of FCKeditor. But, the Firefox spell checker does work when I turn off WYSIWYG mode and edit in source (html) mode. The FCKeditor page does have a couple options for a spell checker, although one is IE specific (ugh). If switching to source mode becomes too tedious I can check out these options

Not true WYSIWYG The edit window doesn’t appear the same as the preview and published pages. This may be due to the styles and the styles in FCKeditor can probable be changed to match. I say this because the differences are consistent.

So, after couple days of trying a couple editor plug-ins (and the internal editor) I’ve settled on Dean’s FCKEditor for now. Because…

  • From various posts and blogs there doesn’t seem to be any perfect WYSIWYG editor plug-in for WordPress
  • The WordPress default editor (WYSIWYG or otherwise) is out because I can’t paste info into it.
  • Switching between WYSIWYG editors, on the same posts/pages, seems to magnify the problem.
  • Full screen editing is great as is switching to source mode in the same editor.
  • While this has four thumbs down and only two thumbs up the downers are minor and have work-arounds.
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