Why an External Editor For WordPress

As I’ve been looking at the various WordPress editor options I’ve also considered editing posts outside of WordPress. When I used Blogger, my longer posts (which isn’t very many) where done in Google Docs and then pasted into Blogger. That’s certainly an option here and going into this I had planned to keep doing that. I moved my old blogger posts using that method.

I like the post management system within WordPress Draft posts can be saved and updated until their ready for posting. Everything is right there on the management screens. I don’t see any reason to use an external editor for regular posts.

There isn’t a similar management system for static pages (Like the “About” and the zone pages). A page can only be saved by posting it on the site. Once the page is posted it’s easy enough to edit and move around, but the inability to save a draft is a real drawback.

So, it looks like I’ll be using an external editor for pages and an internal editor for postings.

I’ve been using Google Docs as the external editor.

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