Grand Opening!!!

The OS Quest is now open in it’s new location. The fountain pen pages and photo galleries are still back at the old location. There’s nothing new posted but if your interested, they can be found here.

The decision to move The OS Quest to a domain of it’s own (from .MAC) came about rather quickly a week ago. I picked Yahoo as the host for the simple reason of low cost, simple sign-up and all the buzzwords I was looking for. Becuase my ISP (SNET/SBC/AT&T or whatever name they’re using now) partners with Yahoo they offer discounts to their hosting packages. So I took the plunge and signed up last Friday. I spent Saturday looking at features potential content management systems. On Sunday I decided to start the site using WordPress and went to work. What develops in these pages will determine if it was worth it.

The OS Quest is all about exploring the stuff that runs on computer, so I’ll leave the gory details for future posts. Feel free to take your time and look around.

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